A Note from Me: An Honest Answer to Change
This New Year has already gotten off to a rugged start. I have hit speed bumps in the early weeks that have jolted me out of my smooth ride, including death – I attended the funeral of my beloved uncle and godfather Peter Kester, financial struggle – too many to detail just now, illness – thank you Mexico for the parasitic infection that keeps on delivering, memories of loss – Robert’s disease was in full swing this time last year and the family was just coming to grips with the idea of losing him, weather – it is -27 degress C out there!! Finally I am coming to grips with the fact that I am a little out of shape post the holidays. Getting back into the gym has meant facing pain head on, feeling fatigued in all of my muscles and getting the clear message it is time to get serious again.
Everything is changing! And it is not just me! But the point is, you have to get up and try. You have to face facts. Life carries on. I handled the feelings of change, loss and weakness this way. I let myself have a good cry. Why not? I’ve got tears and crying helps. Then I decided I needed to slow down and be good to myself. I went for yoga classes, chiropractic sessions and a few hot baths. Then I pared my life down to basics. Eat well, sleep a lot, work and train. Keeping it simple helps me see things straight. All of these are coping strategies. I’m just not going to try so hard right now. I will be kind to myself.
Lastly, I need to keep myself open to the idea of change. I went to New York City last week to become re-energized, and I was, but I also brought home feelings of restlessness and uncertainty. I think the restlessness and chaos I feel signals that things are about to change. The ground is unsteady under my feet and that means something is changing, happening, being born. I am going to let it happen. Everything is unfolding as it should even if it frightens me sometimes. I trust that.
A Note from Coach Rita: Silver Linings
We are creatures of habit. I like most, love my daily routine of family, work and gym. These are the things in my life that I can control. I am a control freak. I am scared of change. I don’t like when I can’t foresee the outcome or am lead blinded. However, life happens. S&$#T happens. Cancer happens. Great opportunities get missed and people will let you down. You may even let yourself down. These are things that are uncontrollable. What should we do when these things happen? Throw in the towel? Sink the spoon in the tub of ice cream? Uncork a bottle of wine? These ghosts of my past are always inviting me to return when life decides to take an unexpected fork in the road. And although I still succumb to these temptations now and again, I have learned to turn away from these comfortable demons, and choose a better way to deal with challenge and change.
I try to embrace the change in a positive way, finding the silver lining. A diagnosis from the doctor has made my father and I closer than ever. Missed opportunities have ignited my fire and passion even more. When I let myself down or find myself at a crossroads, I know that ultimately, I have the power to choose how to react, and I choose to be happy within the circumstances given to me. This is not always easy. When I feel this way, my husband always says, “watch the evening news, and then you will really see strife, heartache and suffering.” Everything is relative. Finding things that make you feel fulfilled help get through the tough times. The gym helps me. Nurturing my body helps. Helping others achieve their fitness goals help me. And sometimes, taking a break from all of the above, and getting lost for a day, alone with my thoughts, helps.
What helps you to get through the challenge and changes life presents?
Please share. It might help me get through the next one.
Coach C