Monday, 8 October 2012

Day 112 - Columbus traveled the world in a sailboat. ...and you can't get to the gym?

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Leftover day!

Simmering on my stove is a pot of homemade turkey and vegetable soup!   2 cups 119 calories!  stocked full of yummy veggies!

Let's dance away those holiday calories, join me this Thursday for a ZUMBA class.  1pm Queen Street Goodlife.  If you go full can burn 550 calories!

The key to losing weight, gaining muscle and getting healthier is 80diet and 20exercise.

MOVE your body. Doesn't matter how. run. walk. swim. bike. yoga. gym. dance. MOVE.
EAT some vegetables. spinach. carrots. beets. broccoli. kale. All day long.

Have a goal, go after it!   Plan your day to succeed. 


“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” 

Humour:  I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn't mine.     Rita Rudner

My weekend workouts: 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday  30 minutes of interval training on the elliptical machine.  
Sunday:  body stretches, shoulder rehab stretches and weights, push ups,  medicine ball twists and  tucks,
Monday: Today had company, my friend Cathy came with me.  It is great, we chatted and did cardio! followed by, medicine ball toss's push ups and sit ups.

Heather's FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN  -  stay tuned for details.  

Anne from Avon is sponsoring me with products from Avon. 

I will be using ANEW GENICS EYE TREATMENT.   I am a firm believer in face cream.  As I have been reducing in weight, I noticed my area around my eyes need to be firmer.  I am trying this product from Avon.  I am looking forward to the results of younger looking skin.

AVON calling:  Call Anne on 613-258-3806 to place your order or email me at  

No brochure??  No problem…check out Anne's online brochure by clicking the link below.

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