Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day 127 - Tough times never last TOUGH PEOPLE DO!

Jared is a certified Personal Trainer - He is accepting new clients.

OKAY....I hate sharing!  However, I am willing to share my Personal Trainer Jared. 

He is awesome, is a stickler for technique and a true motivator!  

Jared Rosenfeld -  BIO

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Fitness Professional
  • Nutritional & Wellness Specialist
  • IHP Functional Training Certified
  • IHP Sport & Strength Conditioning
  • Core and Postural Development'
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Certified Level "C" CPR & First Aid
As far as I can remember I have been living and promoting an active healthy lifestyle.  Through a continuous life of participating in competitive sports such as hockey, basketball and soccer, I developed a great passion and gained invaluable experience   for personal fitness.  Whether we train to improve one’s athletic performance or we train to improve one’s everyday movements, the same concepts/methods can be applied.  Through core awareness, total body conditioning and strengthening, power based performance and a belief in oneself; you can and will develop sound functional strength that will prepare the body and mind for importance of this and how maintaining active lifestyles through proper exercise and nutrition will create immeasurable every day and lifelong benefits.   
You can find Jared at Goodlife Fitness, Queen Street.  613-232-7648  613-889-3188 Jared.rosenfeld@goodlifemakesiteasy.com

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