Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 80 - Stop blaming the dryer - 'Stupid dryer always shrinks them'

STRONG is the new skinny!     I have always wanted to be thin, skinny and healthy
But now my focus is on being strong, healthy and FIT.

I am so pumped, I love my training sessions and can already see the difference in my body.  I have a long way to go to transform into a FIGURE competitior, but I am feeling it.  Today is day 80 and I am feeling STRONGER everyday.

This weeks work out routines are:

static lunges
leg extensions
shoulder press
triceps pull downs

dead lifts
wide grip lat pull downs
close grip pull ups
single leg, leg curls
bent over cable rows
seated cable curls

Rope glut activation
Rotator cuff external rotation
wall rotator pushes
rhomboid activation
V ups with twist (medicine ball in in hands)
line leg raises with a pulse (pushing hips up)
speed obliques


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