Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 104 - Desire, Drive, Dedication, Determination! You don't have it? Then move out of my way!

I can't help myself!  I am a planner, goal maker, list maker, visionary and then take action
I get 'er done!    I can't sit idle!  I have does not work!  Even taking the time to sit and do my tough...I feel like I should be moving or doing something!  

  1. find a GOAL
  2. make a plan to achieve goal
  3. action that plan
  4. what extra activities need to be done to achieve goal
  5. make a list 
  6. work down the list
  7. list never ends....  set new goals...  

This week I visited Joan MacDonald from Daydreams Fitness Wear.  It was a BLAST!  I had a great time picking out fabric for my figure suit.    I have chosen pink (big surprise) with glitter and then adding LOTS of rhinestones!  

Joan had me try on a suit  just to see how it would fit!   AHHHHH... we took before photos!  This inspires me even more ....lots of  CARDIO.....jeepers....creepers... (creepers was the stuff hanging out of the suit).   

this is my fabric.  the photo does not do it justice!  PINK is my colour!

I also purchased my posing shoes as I have to practice walking in them.  I can't wait to meet up with Elissa to learn how to "walk and pose" properly.     Of course I have so much work to do in ghe GYM.... with my trainer Jared to get me ready for the stage!    My training has been coming along very well.  I am getting stronger each and everyday.  I can see more definition and my "pudge" is disappearing!

 Gala Pleaser Shoe 5" heels.  OMG!!!!

   my hoochi mama shoes.

I am going to try pole dancing next week.  I hear it is fun but also an awesome upper body workout.  It will be fun to try something new and hang out with my friend Lola.  

Pole Fitness warm-up and stretching, simple pole moves, pole spins, and floor work all combined into progressive, easy-to-learn, and simple choreographed routines. 

ZUMBA at lunch!  Every Thursday at 1pm, Queen Street Goodlife!  DROP IN!  Give me a call if you want to try my class.

I am switching up my cardio workout today! It will be a combination cardio-strength workout on my mini-trampoline:  *(BLASTING my favorite disco tunes)

  1. high knee (like running)  30 seconds full on
  2. Squats (15 reps)
  3. butt kickers - 30 seconds full on
  4. push-ups (with feet on the trampoline)
  5. high knee (like running)  30 seconds full on
  6. Single leg squats
  7. high knee (like running)  30 seconds full on
  8. Bavarian split squat
  9. high knee (like running)  30 seconds full on
  10. Rollerblade side to side lunges
ab crunches, tucks and stretches!

Have a great week!

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