Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 96 - Surround yourself with ONLY the people who will lift you higher!!!


It has been a crazy busy week between working (as the House of Commons Fall session has resumed and all the M.P.'s are back from their riding's), working out, moving furniture and setting up my daughter's apartment, by the time Friday came along I was knackered.

I am happy to announce that I am down 19.5 pounds since June 18th, 2012.  My next goal is to lose another 11 pounds by Christmas.     I think goals have to be small and well defined.  Losing a small amount of weight lowers blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.  Goals need to be broken down, it helps  lead to big results and eventually the BIG PICTURE... which is June 2013!!!  Competition Day! 

Monday - Trainer Day    
lose grips pullups
bentover rows
close grip pull down  posterior flies
close grip pull down
21's (biceps)
hammer curls

Tuesday - DAY OF REST 

Wednesday -  
 on my own

30 minute interval cardio 
    ABS - sit-ups with medicine ball over head, 3 sets of 20, 
    front lunges  

    Thursdays, I teach my  ZUMBA class at 1pm

    Friday -  Trainer Day  
one leg press
leg extensions
glut extension
single leg squat 
ABS - v-sit medicine ball through legs, 3 sets of 40 
Saturday - Trainer  Day 
cable press
dumbbelll military press
lateral raises
arnold press
posterior flies
rope pull downs

30 minute cardioshoulder rehab exercises
shoulder external rotation
rhomboid squeezes
TVA activation
ABS...medicine ball twists
ABS...leg tucks
At the end of my workout I do my stretching exercises for about 20 minutes. was shopping day today, after my work out, my daughter and I went to the market and bought all fresh fruits and vegetables    Tomorrow I am trying out a few new recipes.    

Roasted cauliflower! with @toscareno. Season it with garlic, oil and chili pepper flakes, black pepper and pink sea salt. Roast it in a 450degree heat oven for 25mins or until golden brown on top!


SEXY BUTTERNUT SOUP ~ Add spice to heat up your soup not flames!
2 cups of bright and rip butternut squash
2 cored granny smith applles
2 1/2 cups water or coconut water
    1 cup walnuts
    3 stalks celery
    ¼ red onion
     2 TBS of lime
     2 tsp cinnamon
     1 clove garlic
     Blend until thick right before serving add HOT water sprinkle cayenne, eat and enjoy!


Have a great week!

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