Friday, 13 July 2012

The Beginning

I will give you some background on my story and how working out at the gym has so positively impacted my life.   Fast approaching my 50th birthday, I realized I was out of shape and not happy, like so many others  I had some extra pounds to lose and was determined to be a fit woman entering the second leg of her life rather than an overweight out of shape one.  With some planning, my journey began and I was drawn to GoodLife.  The support I received there, along with my positive results led me to become a Zumba instructor and I have taught at several of Goodlife locations.  It has been quite a journey on the road to health and fitness and I have come a long way.

I recently attended the National Capital Fitness Expo and watched my first figure contest.   I was incredibly motivated and as a result I called my GoodLife personal trainer and said “I want to do a FIGURE competition; let’s start training tomorrow” and we did! 

The plan is set; I am determined, motivated and ready to make the transformation.  I am on a rigorous 6 day a week program to get me ready to compete in the Grand Master Figure competition at the National Capital Fitness Expo, June 2013 in Ottawa.        

I have given myself 365 days to transform myself into a "Figure Competitor".  Today is day 25.  I play to WIN.  I want to win next June.  Each day is another day closer to my goal.  It is not easy, but it will be so worth it.

I will be documenting my progress, food journal, weight, measurments, body fat, muscle gain etc.     My personal Trainer is Chris from Queen Street GoodLife.   I hope to make him the most sought after trainer!  If he can help me transform myself into a "figurge competitor" then he can help ANYBODY! 

I am ready for the challenge and ready to step it up a notch or two or three...... 

This photo was taken June 2012.   -  This time next year; there will be a BIG difference.

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  1. Really proud of you Heather! You've been on an incredible journey and now this, and the courage to blog about it, too! BRAVO! Hope you win!