Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 35 - Dreams don't work unless you do.

Hill Times Publication - July 23, 2012.

Terrific staffer seeks fitness
challenge backer

Heather Tessier, 51, who was ranked No. 9 in this year’s Terrific
25 Staffer Survey, is 35 days into a 365-day challenge to get fit for
next summer’s National Capital Fitness Expo. Ms. Tessier is planning
to compete in next year’s body-building figure competition.
Ms. Tessier, who is a zumba instructor and an assistant to Conservative
MP Lois Brown (Newmarket-Aurora, Ont.), said that she was
inspired to take the challenge after attending the latest National Capital
Fit Day Expo this past June at Ottawa’s Capital Exhibition Centre.
“I went to that competition last June and I got inspired, and
decided to do it. I’m the type of person who’s all or nothing,” Ms.
Tessier told The Hill Times. “I’ve always wanted to do it, it’s one of
the things on my bucket list... I figure what’s holding me back?”
Ms. Tessier is currently training six days a week, including three days with a personal trainer.
Her routine includes an hour of weight training followed by a half hour of interval cardio training.
She’s documenting her progress on her blog,, and is seeking sponsorship from companies that make  women’s skin care products. “I’m trying to target ladies
who are 50 plus, who are sitting on their butts after supper eating ice cream and maple syrup
instead of getting out,” she said.

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