Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Believe in myself!!!

Day 29....  Worked out this morning with my trainer.  It was also weigh-in day and measurement day!  Slow and Steady....yah right...that is so not me!  I am all about move it, move it!!  I want results now.... "Patience young grasshopper"  

Results for one month. 
start date, June 18th  (we will call it DAY 1)
Chest   - down 1/2 inch off  
ribs (or as I like to call it under boobs) - down 3 inches 
Left Arm  - down 1 inch 
Right Arm - down 1 inch 
Waist - down 2 inches
Hips - down 2.5 inches
Left Thigh -  down 1 inch
Right Thigh - down 1 inch
Left Calf  - same as Day 1
Right Calf - same as Day 1

12 inches off
5 lbs of FAT off. 

Still trying to figure out how much muscle I gained.  I not sure how to read the numbers.  I'll get that sorted out soon enough!

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