Saturday, 21 July 2012

Day 33 - "There is no substitute for hard work."

Saturday morning breakfast then  to Strandherd GL gym for my workout:

oatmeal with protien powder and blueberries
protein shake with water
Vege Greens powder with water
Jamieson - Flax Omega 3 Ala 1000mg

Today was shoulders followed by 30 minute cardio on the bike.   I blast awesome DISCO TUNES from my ipod to keep me going.   

after workout
protein shake
green grapes
2 hard boiled eggs

Last November 2011 I had knee surgery; a half a knee replacement.  Dr. Dervin from the General Hospital did the surgeryat the Kemptville Hospital. 
IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID.  No more, swelling, pain or griding of bone on bone.    I can workout, zumba with ease and pain free.

Photo: My knee

This photo was taken the very next morning after my surgery.  Walking down the halls of the Kemptville Hospital.  physio and stairs then I could go home!    Doc said not to go back to the gym unti January 2012.  I am such a rebel....I was back Dec 28th.   

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