Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 43 - Clear your mind of can’t.

Training at the Strandherd Goodlife on   Saturday, Sunday and Monday doing my workout routines and cardio. (homework from Chris my trainer). 

it is Tuesday July 31, 2012  - Already!!!  I had an awesome early morning workout with my trainer.     

Weigh-in Day:  I am down 1/2 a pound of fat since last week.

I am down 4 3/4 inches in one week.

Chest down 1.5 inches
under boobs  down 1.5 inches
waist down 1 inch
hips down 3/4 inch


up in inches where I want to be:

left leg up 1 inch
right left up 1 inch
left calf up 1/2 inch
right calf up up 1/2 inch
left arm up 1/2 inch
right arm up 1/2 inch

leg day today  -  the clip below made me laugh.  

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