Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 47 - You know that feeling when you're done with a workout, your shirt is soacked, you're dripping, and a little shaky? That's when I realize I did it again and I can do it again tomorrow.

Awesome morning at the gym.  Doing my homework.  Today was Chest and Triceps.

My routine:
DB flat bench  20lbs - 12 reps x 3
DB incline 15 lbs - 12 reps x 3
cable fly   17.5 lbs - 12 reps x 3
dips   12 reps x 3
 leg up toe touches for abs  20 reps x 3
wood chops 37.5 lbs - 20 reps x 3

30 minute cardio on the elliptical

picked up my OXYGEN Magazine - featuring ABS.... 

Eating clean  -   "If you eat clean and build your core, the abs will come"

"just because you want great abs doesn't mean boring chicken for dinner every night.  In fact, once you start to introduce a variety of other lean protein sources int your diet you'll have a better chance of flattening that stomach".  

this week I am going to:

1.  switch to black coffee (omg...yuck, but will try)
2. eat a protein shake after a workout to promote recovery   (I do this everyday anyway)
3. unsweetened oatmeal for breakfast (I do this everyday anyway)
4. avoid water retention by giving up salt.

The black coffee and salt is going to be tough! 

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