Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 68 - Train Insane Or Remain The Same.

The WEEKEND!!!!  YAH.....  TGIF  (Thank God I am FIT).... tee hee!!!!

Friday August 24th - Workout routine:
Today I am on my own at the gym doing my workout routine.    I workout at GoodLife, Strandherd location on weekends.

15 minutes on the rowing machine
15 minutes on the stair master
inner and outer abductor
single leg squats
single leg dead lifts with weight
TVA action
medicine ball twists

On Thursday afternoon I met up with Elissa Molino who is the owner of Glow spray tanning studio - Ottawa

Elissa is a Figure competitor with so much experience.  We had a great chat.  I am going to learn so much from her.

Balance between life in the gym, work and play is very important!!

Saturday; DAY OF REST (from the gym).... well sort of....  cutting front and back grass.  Then Yvan and I are taking a hike up the Quebec side to visit friends at their farm.     

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