Saturday, 11 August 2012

.....just another day at the gym... (tee hee) Sidney Crosby and Heather hanging out at the gym

Jared, Heather and Sidney

This morning I had my first workout with Jared (who I might add is FABULOUS).   It was an awesome workout.  I know that Jared and I are going to work very well together!  I like that he is a stickler for technique! 

Before we started training, I heard that Sidney Crosby was in the gym; naturally, I asked him for a photo, he said sure after his workout.  

Sidney is a gracious, kind and pleasant young man.  He came looking for me after his workout to ensure I had a photo with him.     


Here is Jared's biography
As far back and I can remember I have been living and promoting an active healthy lifestyle.  Through a continuous life of participating in competitive sports such as hockey, basketball and soccer, I developed a great passion and gained invaluable experience for personal fitness.  Whether we train to improve one’s athletic performance or we train to improve one’s everyday movements, the same concepts/methods can be applied.  Through core awareness, total body conditioning and strengthening, power based performance and a belief in oneself; you can and will develop sound functional strength that will prepare the body and mind for any endeavor one might have.  My goal as your personal trainer is to illustrate and educate you on the immeasurable every day and lifelong benefits.

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