Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 63 - Do the workout. See the results.

 AWESOME workout with Jared this morning.

I have my homework to do on the days I workout on my own. 
  1. sitting rotators cuff press 
  2. Rhomboids squeeze 
  3. TVA activation (lower back flat on floor, push bellybutton down towards floor)
  4. Abductor machine (inner and outer)
  5. single leg squats
  6. single leg dead lifts with 15lb kettle bell in hand
  7. use roller and stretch muscles

 My workout today: (all of the exercises above plus) 

  1. Chin ups
  2. hanging knee tucks
  3. single arm bent over rows
  4. seated knee tucks

 okay, who is this JOKER that said Eggs are as bad as cigarettes‎.... SERIOUSLY!
I eat 2 eggs every morning before every workout.... I eat them hard boiled, scrambled, soft boiled, omelet with veggies and I eat them with my oatmeal and blueberries! EGGS are our friends.

Listen to the interview this morning on CFRA.  
Monday, August 20, 2012
Health Headlines with Dr. Barry Dworkin
Madely in the Morning - 6:50am --- Steve Madely and Dr. Dworkin discuss the latest health stories of the day.
Today's topic: Are Egg Yolks As Unhealthy as Smoking?
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