Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 62 - "Never neglect an opportunity for improvement." - Sir William Jones

Getting ready for the week ahead.  I have an early morning workout with Jared my trainer tomorrow.

Did all my meal preparation and cooking.  

lunches and snacks for the week cooked, prepared and cut up...

Salad tossed,
eggs boiled,
Quinoa Burgers,
chicken breasts,
mixed bean salad,
home made clean eating power bars,
clean eating muffins,

Make no mistake about it, a figure competition IS a bodybuilding contest... Just not done to the same degree as your typical bodybuilding standard. In general figure judges look for a combination of:

1. Muscularity
2. Symmetry
3. Stage presence
4. Body shape
5. Muscle shape
6. Presentation: posing, poise, grace and confidence
In general the figure physique should show less size, definition and vascularity
than a bodybuilder’s physique. There should be a small amount of fat, without
excessive leanness. There should be separation of the muscles without visible
striations within the muscle groups. Overall the judges are looking for a
‘physically fit’/‘athletic’ and well balanced physique

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