Friday, 10 August 2012

My cousin Tara's journey from 308lbs to 128lbs

This is my cousin Tara - here is her story (briefly) followed by photos of her today. The last photo was her at 308lbs. She looks and feels fabulous now!   I am very proud of her! 

I just wanted to send you some pictures of me at my goal weight. 128lbs- size 3 from 308lbs- size 26 and the final results of my surgeries.
I finally feel for the first time in my life that this is who I really am. It has been 2 yrs and many had there doubts if I could actually lose the weight and keep it off.
When I started this journey...even my closest family had doubts but, I have gain a promotion at my job, gain the respect of family and even gained new friends. I also have to say that with lossing the weight I lost the relatioship with my youngest sister and have had people who dont know me well think that I have changed inside and out and I am proud to say that, that is not the case and I am the same pain in the ass I have always been!!!
But throught it all I have realized that the only opinion that matters of me is mine and that is something I had to live to learn.   TARA.

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