Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 60 - " with every step you take, the journey of your life and your adventure begins." Walt Disney.

♥  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Yvan and  I....♥  16 years married....August 16th ♥

Seems like I don't stop!  I think this is a good thing;  but yesterday was CRAZY! 

Started with an early morning workout with Jared,  went to work,  on my lunch hour, I taught my ZUMBA class (25 ladies ....wahoooo  I feed off their energy...I love a full class), then attended my Dragon Boat practice at Mooney's Bay in the evening (it was such a nice night on the water and a GREAT practic).  This was the last practice before this weekends Rideau Canoe Club Dragon Boat Festival.    Come on out and watch the DIRTY OARS!!!

Workout routine with Jared:  (not in the right order....because I can't remember it) oops!!!

Tricep pulldowns
Arm raises

Dead bug exercise to work my abs 
Single leg squats
Situps with twist holding weights
Plank with hip raises of rest.   
Rest and recovery improve performance and are also important in prevention of injuries.

Saturday will be paddling with the DIRTY OARS in the 500m and 250m and 1000m races.
Sunday will be Interval Training which is by far the best cardio to burn fat.


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