Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 54 - Failure is NOT an option

wahoooooo  -   I am up early and getting ready to workout with JARED my new trainer! 

I have been watching the Olympics, watching the best of the best in every sport.  They make it look easy.  If it was easy....everyone would do it.....right?   I'm really going to miss it when it is over.   I have so many favourites....gymnastics, rrhythmic ggymnastics  rowing, paddling, syncro swimming, diving, track,  relay..... okay...I like it all!!!!!    Go Team Canada Go!     

I have so much to learn so I think this camp below would be a great start.   

The SAF "Competition Preparation" Camp is primarily designed to help women compete in the 2012 Interactive Nutrition SAF Fall Spectacular, but is also applicable to figure, fitness model, bikini, and other women's physique events, for all competitive organizations including SAF, Physique Canada, IDFA, CBBF, IFBB, OPA, WBFF, UFE and more. The entire seminar and workshop runs 3 hours and features a team of SAF Elite Pro instructors who have competed successfully in a wide range of competitions in a variety of organizations.Topics include:
•Final week preparations (nutrition, cardio, rest, water depletion, carbing up, etc.)
•Posing-suit selection and optimization
•Competition-day checklist
•Tanning and skin care
•Hair and makeup
•Posing and presentation, including: T-walks, callouts, quarter-turns, and comparison
•Understanding judging and feedback for improvement


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