Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day 73 - The burn is just weakness transformed to strength.

 SUGAR!!!  Sweet Poision! 

Tip of the day:  take a fresh peach, chop into chunks and add to oatmeal! 
yum... just like peach cobbler; do the same with an apple and it is just like apple cobbler!   

The muscles on my left side of my body are weaker than my right side.  For about 25 years, I have been compensating (because of my knee)  my left side.  NOW..... since the knee is fixed and feeling fine, I have to build up the muscles on the left side.   I have a sore rotator cuff and scar tissue buildup in my left shouder???   Jared and Ben at the gym are giving me rehab exercises to work on to build up the small muscles aound my shoulder.

Early morning workout with Jared.
ZUMBA for lunch today! 
Dragon Boat  practice 


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